Trustee Minutes of January, 2022

Trustee Minutes of January, 2022

Board Meeting Minutes

Mt. Grant General Hospital

Thursday, January 27, 2022

11:30 a.m.

Present: Richard Schuman, Chairperson; Nancy Rutherford, Co-Chairperson; Michelle Dow, Secretary; Karen Womack, Member; Dr. Sharon Ruch, Member/Chief of Staff; Hugh Qualls, Administrator; Sandrae Lehman, CFO; Jonalee Roberts, HR/Business Office Manager; Paula Viani-Reed, Member (phone); Denise Ferguson, Risk Manager/QA

Absent: Hunter Bolanos, HR/Recorder

–Call to Order

The meeting of the Mt. Grant General Hospital Board of Trustees was called to order at 11:31 a.m. by Richard Schumann, Chairperson.

General Public Comments


Approval of minutes

The minutes from the Thursday, December 2, 2021, meeting were approved with a motion by Karen Womack, seconded by Michelle Dow. Motion carries.

The minutes from Thursday, December 29, 2021, were not available for approval. Tabled.

Financial Report – Sandrae Lehman, CFO

Sandrae Lehman presented the financials for November 2021 and December 2021, including Balance Sheets, Revenue and Expense Statements.  Most of the investments have been transferred to Financial Horizon Credit Union because the interest rate is higher.  The CD is maturing in February and funds will also be moved to FHCU.  Cash on hand is 147 days.  Deferred revenue includes $58K testing and mitigation, $408k phase 4 Provider Relief Funds and $220k deferred tax revenue.  Non-operating revenue includes $2m loan forgiveness. 

There were three paydays in December resulting with salary being over budget due to extra PERS contribution of $60k.  Continue to be overbudget for travelers.  Insurance Premiums are up.  The premium increases were received after the budget was prepared.

Recognized $28k of Provider Relief Funds for the lost revenue from July-September 2021.

Financial Statements for November 2021 and December 2021 were approved with a motion by Michelle Dow and seconded by Karen Womack.  Motion carries.

Committee Reports

  1. Trustee of the Month Karen Womack reported she visited the facility.  Residents were happy being able to visit with family and friends.  Residents are happy getting out and about.  Karen also attended the Grand Opening of the new MRI trailer at the beginning of December.  Karen reported observing quality care of the patients.  The community is lucky to have MGGH.

  2. Emergency Department Hugh Qualls reviewed the Emergency Department (copy attached to original minutes).  Mindeya Summerfelt has been named the new Director of Nursing.  Mindeya has been working in the ER, covering shifts.  The volume was down in the ED over the holidays with 217 total, 172 non-emergent and 45 emergent (life threatening).  Across the nation a problem continues with people filling up the ER with non-emergent issues.  There were 17 transfers with the majority being COVID related.

  3. Pharmacy — Mr. Qualls reviewed the Pharmacy Report (copy attached to original minutes).  The Pharmacy Report is reviewed monthly with the Medical Director Dr. Ruch. Integricare reviews the nursing home medication records once a month and makes recommendations to medical staff. 

  4. Patient Safety — Denise Ferguson reviewed the Patient Safety Committee report (copy attached to original minutes).  Denise reported she has scheduled regular monthly meetings before Medical Staff meeting.  No sentinel events, no medical errors and no reportable deaths.  Supply shortages continue to be an issue.
    With the recent COVID surge the Hospital is not allowing visitors in the ER and we have sent family members message asking them not to visit if they have symptoms.  There were 15 positive employees in January and 0 positive residents.  We will be offering the second booster.  The government is giving each household four free home tests.  Dr. Mockler, Lab Director, reported that there is a 4–5-day delay for receiving PCR results.
    The committee is also looking at Patient Safety Employee Training Goals.

  5. Quality Denise Ferguson reviewed the Risk Management 4th quarter report (copy attached to original minutes).  No behavioral issues reported.  Patients leaving AMA mainly because patients felt better and wanted to leave.  Cost was also a concern.  Increased ER volume due to Tonopah patients and some patients don’t want to wait.  The clinic has one provider who has a “sick” clinic offering same day visits. 
    Denise reviewed the LiCON Quality Indicator Reports.  96% Opioid compliance mainly due to ER nurses staying compliant.  93% vital signs on ED discharge.  100% critical lab values due to better documentation. 
    Denise reviewed the QAPI highlights including resident satisfaction survey and physical therapy functional maintenance.
    Four employee injuries for the quarter were reviewed.  No serious injuries from resident falls. Brief overview was given for complaints received 4th quarter.

  6. Administrator — Hugh Qualls distributed and reviewed the Administrator Report (copy attached to original minutes).  Hugh thanked Denise, Sandi and Dr. Ruch for doing a great job.
    Covid Mitigation – Mineral County is part of the newly formed Churchill Health District. Encouraging staff to wear masks when not at work.   Housekeeping department is short staffed.  Housekeeping has a high level of standards. 
    MGGH will use the ARP funds $242k to replace the HVAC system in the Hospital.  The boilers will be replaced with two rooftop units on the roof that have ionization filters.  This will also cut down on diesel and electrical expense.
    The Helmsley grant is on hold.  This grant would be used to replace equipment in the two radiology rooms.  Also looking at adding a hallway which has caused the delay. 
    A grant proposal for $756 has been approved from the Pennington Foundation to fund a new Physical Therapy Building (similar to the BO Annex) and state of the art equipment.  The “Hefner” building will be used to house RPG providers in a studio apartment on one end and the homemaking department on the other side.  Eventually will tear down the old BO annex trailer.
    Mindeya Summerfelt has been named the new DON.  Rowell Cordova will start as the ADON/UR Coordinator February 17th.  Still recruiting nurses and CNAs.  Plan to hold a CNA class in April.
    James Ruch, PA-C has been providing podiatry services to residents.  There are two podiatrists in Fallon that we are trying to get schedule resident appointments.
    Stress caused by Omnicrom is taking a toll on providers and staff. 
    Staffing changes: 9 new hires; 4 terms.

–Review, discussion and appropriate action on recommendation from the Medical Staff to grant privileges to Steven Miller, MD, initial appointment Surgery Services

The credentialling committee meets one week prior to the Board meeting to review provider credentialling records.  Motion to grant privileges to Steven Miller, MD, initial appointment Surgery Services was made by Michelle Dow, seconded by Nancy Rutherford.  Motion carries.

Review, discussion and appropriate action on Reappointment of Board of Trustees member Paula Viani-Reed

Motion was made by Nancy Rutherford, seconded by Michelle Dow to reappoint Paula Viani-Reed to the Board of Trustees.  Motion carries.

Trustee Comments/Future Agenda Items

Jonalee Roberts stated in the past the Board has only held elections when there was an open office.  The Board can decide if officer elections are needed or if the current officers will continue.  Board consensus was to forego board elections at this time.

Discussed why the Hospital doesn’t pool with the county and the school for employee insurance.  Jonalee reviewed past experiences with pooling with NRHP which was not successful because if one entity has a bad year it affects the others in the pool.  Also, MGGH has been doing very well with utilization and low increases.  This year, insurance premiums went up for everyone. 

Discussed medical flight insurance. 

General Public Comments



Meeting was adjourned at 1:02 p.m. with a motion by Michelle Dow, seconded by Nancy Rutherford.  Motion carries.