About Us

Mt. Grant General Hospital is located in Hawthorne, Nevada, 138 miles southeast of Reno, the nearest urban center. A district hospital owned by Mineral County, the hospital serves a resident population of approximately 4500 citizens. Situated on the major southern route to Las Vegas, the hospital also serves those traveling through the state. The hospital has 11 licensed acute beds and 24 long-term care beds. 

Mt. Grant General Hospital was a founding member of the Nevada Hospital Association’s Rural Council, as well as a founding member of the Nevada Rural Hospital Partners, a consortium of 14 small frontier hospitals formed in 1988.

In 2005 Mt. Grant General Hospital was designated as one of the nation’s top 35 Critical Access Hospitals in Larson Allen’s Critical Access Hospital Gold Standard Performance Summary. In a letter addressed to Richard Munger, former hospital administrator, David Schuh, CPA and Principal of Larson Allen Health Care said, “this recognition is based on your exemplary financial performance and strength, created by the development and execution of strategies that enhanced your overall economic vitality through attention to physician relations, cost management and market share for a mix of medical and surgical services in the community.” Mr. Schuh went on to congratulate Mr. Munger, the Board of Trustees and physicians for “your impressive leadership in guiding Mt. Grant General Hospital into expanded opportunities for community service.”

Mt. Grant General Hospital is an approved National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Critical Access Hospital site and Rural Health Clinic site. NHSC-approved sites are health care facilities that provide comprehensive outpatient, ambulatory and primary health care services to populations residing in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA).

We Promise…

  • To embrace you and your family with compassion, courtesy and kindness.
  • To serve all patients regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disabilities, and national origin.
  • To give appropriate care in the event of a medical emergency regardless of your ability to pay.

Medicare and Medicaid

  • Mt. Grant General Hospital is a Medicare and Medicaid participating provider and will accept assignment for all Medicare and Medicaid services for which the patient is eligible to receive payment under current Medicare and Medicaid law and regulations. This includes the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Hours of Operation: