Critical Access Hospital

We offer important medical services to the residents of Mineral County, Nevada, which includes inpatient care, emergency services, physical therapy – and more.

Rural Health Clinic

You can visit the Mt. Grant Medical Building for your primary care needs – we commonly refer to this as our “Clinic”.

Long-Term Care

Our Lefa L. Seran Skilled Nursing Facility is available for your long-term care needs.

Nurse Health Line

Are you uncertain if you need our physician services? Give our REMSA Nurse Health Line a call for free advice from qualified nurses.

Call (775) 341-6161 Learn More

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More Than Just a Hospital.

While we are a provider of inpatient care and emergency services, we also provide other medical services.

See What We Offer

Schedule an appointment with a specialty physician who is located in Reno or another urban area! Using telehealth technology, you can have a consultation with a specialty physician without having to travel!

Echocardiogram Testing

Schedule an echocardiogram with our Radiology Department to ensure your heart is at its healthiest!

Meet Our Providers

To issue the various services we offer, we have our providers. Working throughout the entire hospital at times, these people keep our community healthy.

Francisco Dofeliz, MD

Chief of Staff Clinic Provider 

Sharon Ruch, MD

Medical Director – SNF  Clinic Provider 

Tobey Morris, APRN

Medical Director – Clinic Clinic Provider 

Juanchichos Ventura, MD

Clinic Provider 

Laura Millsap, PA-C

Clinic Provider

Daniel Dees, MD

ER Provider

Christopher  Sessions, PA-C

ER Provider

David Cain, PA-C

ER Provider

Christian Mullins, MD

ER Provider

Christopher Ward, DO

ER Provider

Brent Kunzler, PA-C

ER Provider