Trustee Minutes of February, 2022

Trustee Minutes of February, 2022

Board Meeting Minutes

Mt. Grant General Hospital

Thursday, February, 24th 2022

11:30 a.m.

Present: Richard Schuman, Chairperson; Nancy Rutherford, Co-Chairperson; Michelle Dow, Clerk; Karen Womack, Member; Dr. Sharon Ruch, Member/Chief of Staff; Hugh Qualls, Administrator; Sandrae Lehman, CFO; Jonalee Roberts, HR/Business Office Manager; Paula Viani-Reed, Member (phone); Denise Ferguson, Risk Manager/QA; Hunter Bolanos, HR/Recorder

Call to Order

The meeting of the Mt. Grant General Hospital Board of Trustees was called to order at 11:30 a.m. by Richard Schumann, Chairperson.

–General Public Comments


Approval of minutes

The minutes from the Thursday, December 29th, 2021 and January 27th, 2021, meetings were approved with a motion by Karen Womack seconded by Paula Viani-Reed.  Motion carries.

Financial Report – Sandrae Lehman, CFO

Sandrae Lehman presented the financials for January 2022, including Balance Sheets, Revenue and Expense Statements.  Operating income and net income were both in the black for January 2022.  Total days cash on hand have decreased by 7 days from December. AR Days increased by 12 days as a delay in insurance payments. This issue has resolved by date of meeting.  Total expenses MTD on budget and 5% over budget YTD.  Total cash is set to increase in the month of February with grant funds.
Financial Statements for January 2022 were approved with a motion by Karen Womack and seconded by Michelle Dow.  Motion carries.

Committee Reports

  1. Trustee of the Month – Michelle Dow.

  2. Emergency Department – Hugh Qualls reviewed the Emergency Department (copy attached to original minutes). Hugh reported the ER Visit Patient census has increased for January in the ED.

  3. Pharmacy – Mr. Qualls reviewed the Pharmacy Report (copy attached to original minutes).  The Pharmacy Report is reviewed monthly with the Medical Director Dr. Ruch.  Integricare reviews the nursing home medication records once a month and makes recommendations to medical staff. Nothing of concern for January 2022.

  4. Patient Safety – Denise Ferguson reviewed the Patient Safety Committee report (copy attached to original minutes).  Denise reported she has scheduled regular monthly meetings before Medical Staff meeting.  No sentinel events, no medical errors and no reportable deaths.  Supply shortages continue to be an issue.

  5. Buildings and Grounds – Hugh Qualls reported the maintenance building and grounds report for quarter 4 (copy attached to original minutes). Future projects include prepping for new HVAC units that will replace our Boiler heating system throughout the hospital.

  6. EMS and Employee Safety—Carol Lemieux distributed and reviewed the EMS and Employee Safety Report. (Copy attached to original minutes).  Carol reviewed infection control measures for COVID-19 and vaccinations. COVID-19 fatigue has motivated Wellness Committee to plan wellness events such as meditation station, corn hole games, and walking on breaks. EMS events include power outages. Infection Control report was reviewed.

  7. Administrator – Hugh Qualls

Staffing update from HR for new hires and termed employees.
Hugh explained an update for the new PT Gym and progress with construction.

  1. COVID Restrictions
    • Screening required
    • SNF Visitors and Outings
    • Acute Limited
  2. Projects
    • Hospital HVAC Units
    • Radiology Upgrades?
    • PT Building progress
  3. Staffing
    • CAH DON transition
    • Nurses, CNA’s, MAs, etc.
    • Patient Care Tech (FKA Orderlies)
  4. Next meeting: March 24th, 2022

–Review, discussion and appropriate action on Helmsley Foundation Construction proposal

The Helmsley Charitable Trust has been awarding grants to rural Nevada hospitals for radiology equipment updates.  Duane Henry, Radiology Manager, has been working with Helmsley to obtain new radiology equipment.  After a site visit, the Helmsley Charitable Trust is interested in exploring the possibility of building a new facility.  Wayne Booze from the Helmsley Charitable Trust joined the meeting by WebEx to discuss and answer questions.  The first step would be to conduct an analysis of the current building and a service line assessment to determine what options are available and what steps the Trust will take together with Mt. Grant.  This initial step would take approximately six months.

The current facility was built in 1964.  Concerns include staffing, management of the project and possible incurred debt. 

Motion to proceed with the initial assessment (step 1) for Construction proposal was made by Nancy Rutherford and seconded by Paula Viani-Reed.  Motion carries.

Review, discussion and appropriate action on recommendation from the Medical Staff to grant privileges to Greg Jones, CRNA, Allied Health Professional-Anesthesia reappointment

Motion was made by Nancy Rutherford, seconded by Paula Viani-Reed to grant privileges to Greg Jones, CRNA.  Motion carries.

Trustee Comments/Future Agenda Items

The Helmsley Charitable Trust progress for assessment will be added to next meeting agenda.

General Public Comments

Thank you to the Board from Hugh Qualls for being present at this meeting.


Meeting was adjourned at 12:47 p.m. with a motion by Paula Viani-Reed, seconded by Nancy Rutherford.  Motion carries.