Trustee Minutes of April, 2022

Trustee Minutes of April, 2022

Board Meeting Minutes

Mt. Grant General Hospital

Thursday, April 28th, 2022

11:30 a.m.

Present: Richard Schuman, Chairperson; Karen Womack, Member; Hugh Qualls, Administrator; Sandrae Lehman, CFO; Jonalee Roberts, Human Resources Manager; Paula Viani-Reed, Member; Denise Ferguson, Risk Manager/QA; Hunter Bolanos, HR/Recorder, Mindeya Summerfelt; DON RN; Michelle Dow, Clerk.

Absent: Dr. Sharon Ruch, Member/Chief of Staff (present webex); Nancy Rutherford, Co-Chairperson

–Call to Order

The meeting of the Mt. Grant General Hospital Board of Trustees was called to order at 11:37 a.m. by Richard Schumann, Chairperson.

–General Public Comments

Thank you for allowing attendance from general public. Question about interviews next week.

–Approval of minutes

The minutes from the Thursday, March 24th, 2022 meeting were approved with a motion by Karen Womack and seconded by Paula Viani-Reed.  Motion carries.

–Financial Report – Sandrae Lehman, CFO

Sandrae Lehman presented the financials for March 2022, including Balance Sheets, Revenue and Expense Statements. (Copy attached to original minutes). Operating loss was explained due to 3 pay periods in the month. All revenue categories explained. Facility does still remain under budget on MTD and YTD. Cash days on hand dropped due to purchase of Physical therapy building and equipment. Days in A/R holding steady from February. Sandi explained the collections issues and legislative restrictions limiting collection. Tentative budget was reviewed, no action needed today, and final budget will be reviewed in May. No wage increases budgeted for FY23. Sandi will be meeting with department leads and discussing FTE needs for the budget.

Financial Statements for March 2022 were approved with a motion by Michelle Dow and seconded by Karen Womack.  Motion carries.

–Committee Reports

  1. Trustee of the Month – Nancy Rutherford. (absent)

  2. Emergency Department – Mindeya Summerfelt, RN DON reviewed the Emergency Department (copy attached to original minutes). Census has increased for the month of March. 1 elopement and 6 AMA’s.

  3. Pharmacy – Mindeya Summerfelt, RN DON reviewed the Pharmacy Report (copy attached to original minutes).  No significant changes.

  4. Patient Safety – Denise Ferguson, Risk/Quality (Copy attached to original minutes).Reviewed falls, equipment and supply issues, No medication errors, and no sentinel events. Denise explained the updated COVID-19 Measures and changes within the facility. Safety department is working on a pressure ulcer program and reporting procedures. Safety will be working with the wound care nurse to finalize this program. Pharmacy, Lab, and staffing explained.

  5. Administrator – Hugh Qualls. (No report). Changes in facility structure as COVID-19 related measures have allowed. Explained the opening of the nursing home and activity measures. Other projects explained including HVAC, boiler removal, and grant funded projects.

Review, discussion and appropriate action on Critical Need Position Designation for Nurse position pursuit to NRS 286.523

Jonalee Roberts reviewed the PERS requirement for Critical Need Position Designation including the requirements to be considered for a position to be designated.  The hospital has advertised for the Nurse position and has used recruiters to assist will recruiting for this position.  Out of the seven openings, four nurses have been hired full-time.  Three full-time openings remain.  (Copy of the Critical Need Position Designation Form, information for Critical Need Position Designation, and back up information is attached to the original minutes.)

Sharon Black retired in July, 2019.  She has been working per diem since October 19, 2019.  Mt. Grant General Hospital would like to use Sharon to fill the critical need position.

A motion was made by Michelle Dow and seconded by Karen Womack to designate the Nurse position as a Critical Need Position effective April 28, 2022.  Motion carries.

Review, discussion and appropriate action on proxy privileging for Telemedicine Roster for Physicians.
A motion to grant proxy privileging for Telemedicine Roster for Physicians was made by Paula Viani-Reed and seconded by Michelle Dow. Motion carries.

Review, discussion and appropriate action on recommendation from the Medical Staff to grant privileges to Jeremy Graham, DO, initial Emergency Medicine/Hospitalist; and Kara Blum, PA, initial Psychiatry
A motion to grant privileging to roster of physicians was made by Michelle Dow and seconded by Karen Womack. Motion carries.

Review, discussion and appropriate action on Resignation of Administrator
Board of Trustees reviewed the attached proposal for retirement of administrator. A motion to approve proposal as stated for Administrator Retirement and resignation was accepted and approved by Paula Viani-Reed and seconded by Karen Womack. Motion carries.

Trustee Comments/Future Agenda Item


General Public Comments

Public comment about FTE equivalent counts. Public comment about contract labor. Public comment about transfers in ED. Public comment about transitional period with Admin finishing employment off site. General public comment about CDL physicals.


Meeting was adjourned at 12:59 p.m. with a motion by, Michelle Dow seconded by Paula Viani-Reed.  Motion carries.