Month: March 2020

Trustee Meeting for March, 2020

Board Meeting Minutes Teleconference provided by Mt. Grant General HospitalThursday, March 26, 202011:30 a.m. Present:       Tom Fitzgerald, Chairperson; Karen Womack; Michelle Dow; Richard Schumann, Hugh Qualls, Administrator; Jan Kollodge, DON; Jonalee Roberts; Sandrae Lehman, CFO; Carol Lemieux Safety, HIPAA, Compliance Officer; Dr. Dofeliz, Chief of Staff, Hunter Bolanos Call to Order The meeting of the…
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Hospital Corner – February, 2020

White sock test?  A true pillar of our community stopped by my office not long ago to share his thoughts about recent hospital in-patient stays here and at a Reno area healthcare facility.  After extended time at both, he said care provided at Mt. Grant General was considerably better in many ways.  Besides the personal…
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Hospital Corner – March, 2020

First and foremost in case you have not heard: the hospital and nursing home are not allowing visitors or family members until further notice—patients only.  Access into the hospital is through the ER entrance only. Clinic patients are asked to call your provider’s office before arriving so staff can meet you in the parking lot…
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