Hospital Corner – February, 2020

Hospital Corner – February, 2020

White sock test?  A true pillar of our community stopped by my office not long ago to share his thoughts about recent hospital in-patient stays here and at a Reno area healthcare facility.  After extended time at both, he said care provided at Mt. Grant General was considerably better in many ways.  Besides the personal attention received (partly due to his years of service to Mineral County youth), he also remarked on the cleanliness of our hospital compared to the other.  How did he measure the difference?  Each day, he strolled the hallways in his white athletic socks.  At Mt. Grant, his white socks remained so; in Reno, not so much.  Given the age of our local hospital, turning 60 in a few years, this was quite a compliment. Credit of course belongs to Laurie Trusty and her Housekeeping staff for their daily hard work and attention to detail.  Our little frontier hospital might be getting on in years but our people make the difference.

We are halfway through our 50% off program, which began mid-January.  Ending April 15, now is the time to save money on outstanding hospital bills.  As we did in 2018, this program is offered to the community to help all who want to pay their bills at a significant discount.  Who knows when this program will be offered again so don’t miss out on the opportunity while available.  Contact Corinna, Angela or Megan in the Main Office for account balances and payoff details.

Each workday I arrive at Mt. Grant General filled with anticipation for the joys and challenges that lie ahead; rarely a day goes by without plenty of both.  Of course, working in a hospital where care is provided to the elderly and the chronically ill, sad days are unavoidable as well. MGGH doctors, allied health professionals, and nurses are charged with tremendous responsibilities; theirs is not a job for the faint hearted: compassion, dedication, and skill are but a few of the traits required.  Consequently, negative social media comments about the hospital and providers impact all staff in some manner.  We would prefer to meet with aggrieved parties and attempt to resolve issues but recognize it is everyone’s right to express their opinions in any manner they see fit.  If you are dissatisfied with the care or services provided at Mt. Grant, please call or stop by to discuss with me. Our goal is continuous improvement and your constructive feedback is vital to that effort.

Two years ago we launched our Community Paramedicine (CP) program, one of the first in rural Nevada.  Judging by participation and responses throughout the county, it has been a tremendous success.  Paramedic Charlie Mann is largely responsible for this.  Unfortunately, because CP is a state of Nevada initiative and partially grant-funded, the paperwork and reporting requirements can be overwhelming for an understaffed/under-resourced frontier hospital.  The good news: Chief Chris Lawrence and the Mineral County Fire Department have expressed an interest in assuming responsibility for this vital service.  If approved by the county, we are planning for a seamless transition from the hospital to the fire department to ensure CP patients continue to receive the same care without interruption.

Patricia Coen has served as a Mt. Grant General Hospital trustee for many years, enduring monthly meetings listening to endless reports and reviewing detailed financial statements.  Her compensation for this time and effort: free lunch!  While our Dietary staff makes excellent meals, Patty stayed on the board because of her commitment to this town and quality healthcare.  Sadly, she has resigned from the board; a new member will be chosen at the February board of trustees meeting. We will miss her insight, leadership and sense of humor. 

Hugh Qualls, Administrator