Trustee Minutes of March, 2021

Trustee Minutes of March, 2021

Board Meeting Minutes

Mt. Grant General Hospital

Thursday, March 25, 2021

11:30 a.m.

Present: Jona Roberts, Business Office Manager; Sandrae Lehman, CFO; Hugh Qualls, Administrator; Hunter Bolanos, HR Assistant; Tamiya Ferguson, Acute DON; Carol Lemieux, Safety Officer; Noretta Chan, Risk Manager QA/UR; Nancy Rutherford, Co-Chairperson; Karen Womack, Member; Dr. Dofeliz, Chief of Staff; Richard Schumann, Chairperson

Absent: Paula Viani-Reed, Member        

Call to Order

The meeting of the Mt. Grant General Hospital Board of Trustees was called to order at   11:30 a.m. by Chairperson Richard Schumann. 

General Public Comments


Approval of minutes

The minutes from the Thursday, February 25, 2021, minutes were approved with a motion by Nancy Rutherford seconded by Karen Womack.  Motion carries.

February 2021 Financial Report – Sandrae Lehman, CFO

Copy of the February 2021 Financial Statements is attached to original minutes. Update on the COVID-19 Relief Fund spending and auditing of current invoices to capture all money spent towards the efforts of COVID-19. All rural hospitals across the nation, including MGGH, are experiencing drops in revenue. A motion to approve the financial report was made by Nancy Rutherford and seconded by Michelle Dow. Motion carries.

Committee Reports

Trustee of the Month

Karen Womack

Emergency Department

Tamiya Ferguson. Copy attached to original minutes. ER visits are down from January, but still increased in numbers from December. Recently, the visits have seen more severe than normal. This is a trending factor with covid and people staying home. Admissions are good. No elopements. Still no triage to the clinic.


Tamiya Ferguson. No changes. Copy attached to original minutes. Pharmacy inspection will take place in March 2021.

Patient Safety

Tamiya Ferguson. Testing supplies and PPE update.  Masks, eye protection, and screening will continue. All PCR COVID-19 testing will be taken place with the Nevada state Lab. Copy of report attached to original minutes.

Building and Grounds

Randy Canady. Report by Hugh Qualls. Copy attached to original minutes.

EMS and Employee Safety

Carol Lemieux. Copy attached to original minutes. Workplace Violence prevention program was announced. Education with the staff has begun. Workplace Violence Prevention Committee meets every other month. CPR Certifications are continuing in-house at MGGH for convenience of staff. Bullet proof glass has been installed at all reception areas in hospital and clinic. Fit testing for N95’s continues as this is a yearly requirement.

Administrator -Hugh Qualls. Copy attached to original minutes.

  1. COVID-19 vaccination report
    • Mineral County status
    • Moderna and J&J
  2. Rural Physicians Group
    • Progress report
    • Savings (revenue v. expenses)
  3. Clinic Provider Search: 3 down, 3 to go
  4. New Business Office
  5. Staffing
    • CNA class
    • Eviction
  6. SOC Physicals: Clinic Staff
  7. Reopening status: MGGH, SNF
    • Screening issues
    • Allowed visitors
  8. Questions       

Review, discussion and appropriate action on recommendation from the Medical Staff to grant privileges to Tim Hockenberry, MD, initial Emergency Medicine/Hospitalist; Jay Ford, APRN, Initial Emergency Medicine/Hospitalist; Sharon Ruch, MD, Family Medicine; Ara Kassrjian, MD, Consulting Radiology; Stephen Loos, MD, Consulting Radiology; and Kinsey Pillsbury, MD, Consulting Radiology

Table Stephen Loos and Kinsey Pillsbury until April 2021 meeting. A motion to approve privileges for roster was made by Michelle Womack and seconded by Karen Womack. Motion carries.             

Review, discussion and appropriate action on the Infection Control Plan – Carol Lemieux, Safety, Emergency Manager, HIPAA, and Infection Preventionist

Copy attached to original minutes. A motion to approve the Infection Control Plan was made by Michelle Dow and seconded by Nancy Rutherford. Motion carries.

Trustee Comments/Future Agenda items

Please include hired/termed employee lists for the Board of Trustees for future meetings.

General Public Comments



Meeting was adjourned at 12:45pm with a motion by Michelle Dow and seconded by Nancy Rutherford. Motion carries.