Trustee Minutes for September, 2020

Trustee Minutes for September, 2020

Board Meeting Minutes

Mt. Grant General Hospital

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

11:30 a.m.

Present: Jona Roberts, Business Office Manager; Sandrae Lehman, CFO; Hugh Qualls, Administrator; Hunter Bolanos, HR Assistant; Nancy Rutherford, Co-Chairperson; Karen Womack, Member; Michelle Dow, Clerk; Dr. Dofeliz, Chief of Staff; Paula Viani-Reed, Member; Richard Schumann, Chairperson

Absent: Randy Canady;    

Call to Order

The meeting of the Mt. Grant General Hospital Board of Trustees was called to order at  11:30a.m. by Chairperson Richard Schumann .

General Public Comments


Approval of minutes

The minutes from the Thursday, August 27th, 2020, meetings were approved with a motion by Michelle Dow seconded by Karen Womack.  Motion carries.

Financial Report – Sandrae Lehman

Month of August notes restricted funds for CT Machine/demolition & construction has been paid in the month of September, so funds will be down next month.

$180k(estimated) used to cover lost revenue due to COVID-19 (clinic visits down and revenue lost as compared to the budget). 118 visits down from the prior month.

Operating income of $55,000 for the month.

Contracted staff cost is under budget by $21,000.00 YTD.

Added expenses will be able to be recovered under the grant forgiveness after reporting all expenses were used appropriately.

$5,000,000.00 in funds needs to be spent on COVID-19 related expenses before June 2021 to qualify for forgiveness.

Copy attached to original minutes.

A motion was made by Michelle Dow and seconded by Karen Womack to approve the August 2020 Financial Report. Motion carries

Committee Reports                                                                          

  • Trustee of the Month
    • Paula Viani Reed
  • Emergency Department
    • Presented by Hugh Qualls for Jan Kollodge; copy attached to original minutes. Visits are up for the month of August.
  • Pharmacy
    • Reviewed by Hugh Qualls for Jan Kollodge. No significant changes. (copy attached to original minutes)
  • Patient Safety
    • No Report.  
  • Building and Grounds
    • Presented by Hugh Qualls. (Copy attached to original minutes.)

EMS and Employee Safety

Drills, events, and incidents reviewed for the board.

Noted changes to QAPI to expand into acute care focus and cancellation of drills due to COVID-19.

Safety committee is ongoing and falls ‘hand in hand’ with the daily COVID-19 briefings.

Presented by Carol Lemieux.

(Copy attached to original minutes)


  1. August Billing/Cash
  2. ER and Clinic Plansa
    1. Medical staff
  3. COVID-19 Testing information/schedule
  4. Secretary of State filing reminder
  5. New Business Office Progress
  6. Visitation Policy Updates
  7. CAH Survey this week
  8. Staffing
    1. Nursing (always)
    2. Retirement Luncheon
  9. Questions

Review, discussion and appropriate action on Bid Openings for new Business Office Modular Site Preparation Bid

New bid for construction on the New Business office foundation presented. Motion to approve bid proposal for the new Business Office Foundation & land preparation was made by Nancy Rutherford and seconded by Michelle Dow. Motion carries.

Review, discussion and appropriate action on recommendation from the Medical Staff to grant privileges to Mark Stevens, APRN, initial Emergency Medicine; Justin Ord, MD, consulting staff-Radiology appointment; Edmund Pillsbury, MD, Consulting staff- Radiology reappointment

Motion to approve roster of providers made by Michelle Dow and seconded by Karen Womack. Motion carries.

Review, discussion and appropriate action on proxy privileging for Intermountain Healthcare Roster for Physicians

A motion to approve the roster for Intermountain Healthcare Roster of Physicians was made by Nancy Rutherford and seconded by Michelle Dow.

Trustee Comments/Future Agenda Items


General Public Comments



Meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm with a motion by  Michelle Dow and seconded by Karen Womack .  Motion carries.