Hospital Corner – May, 2018

Hospital Corner – May, 2018

Many are probably not aware that May is “Older Americans Month.”   Cannot stress how important such recognition is for our seniors; President Trump recently acknowledged the debt we owe them when announcing the May designation:

During Older Americans Month, we recognize and celebrate those Americans who have spent decades providing for the next generation and building the greatness of our Nation. Our country and our communities are strong today because of the care and dedication of our elders. Their unique perspectives and experiences have endowed us with valuable wisdom and guidance, and we commit to learning from them and ensuring their safety and comfort.

Sadly, many older Americans are taken for granted, if not forgotten altogether.  That is a shame, given the truths stated by the President in his announcement.  They have so much to teach later generations (if only those generations would take the time to listen and learn!).  At the Lefa L. Seran Skilled Nursing Facility, we want to do more than just provide for resident safety and comfort; we also strive to give them the opportunity to share their collective wisdom and experiences with others.  This can be a challenge, of course, but we are determined to make it happen. 

Weekly excursions are one way to achieve this. Over the past month, since the arrival of our new bus, we have taken residents to various locales around Hawthorne and beyond.  A recent trip to the Hawthorne Army Depot was enjoyed by all who participated.  After coordinating our visit with depot security staff (thank you J.D.), residents boarded our bus (with its new custom lettering and graphics–thank you Wade) and took a leisurely ride to Mr. Beane’s.  After fortifying for the journey ahead, we soon arrived at the HWAD Main Gate.  Once clearing security, we meandered through the Industrial Area, appreciating the green fairways of the golf course, the stately brick mansions of King’s Row, and all the magnificent trees lining the streets.  Our tour guide/driver shared stories about the depot for those unfamiliar with its history, but the highlight of our trip was our stop at Building 1.  As we admired the flagpole and parade grounds, the HWAD Commanding Officer, LTC Scott Bishop, hopped onto the bus and welcomed us to the depot.  Delighted residents listened intently as he spoke, thanking them for their support and service: one of our residents is a US Navy veteran, several others have family members who have served.  It was a special moment for all present—and we cannot thank enough LTC Bishop for his kindness and generosity. 

In other news, May is also the month in which we celebrate “Hospital Week,” our way of showing appreciation to staff for their hard work and professionalism throughout the year.  We select an Employee of the Year, too.  Jonathan Hunter from Housekeeping was the 2017 recipient; he continues to inspire all of us with his dedication and tireless efforts to keep Mt. Grant looking its best. The 2018 honoree will be announced soon

Charles Mann, our Community Paramedic, has received his formal training and will soon be on the road checking in on Medicaid patients with chronic health issues. He will contact you prior to arriving at your house.  His goal is to keep you healthy and out of the hospital.

Have you called the REMSA/Mt. Grant Nurse Healthline yet?  341-6161 (toll free locally) to get free advice from registered nurses on duty 24/7, waiting for your calls regarding health concerns. 

Finally, you don’t have to wait until May each year to show your appreciation to seniors; any day will do!

Hugh Qualls, Administrator