Hospital Corner – February, 2018

Hospital Corner – February, 2018

Rampart, patient is in V-fib!  We have lost the victim’s pulse, beginning CPR…Rampart, we have defibrillated victim; he has sinus rhythm. Squad 51 transporting. Out.  (Roy DeSoto)

If those words or that name sound familiar, then you must have been a fan of the TV show Emergency! in the 1970s.  The series ran for several years, each week telling stories of brave paramedics and skilled hospital staff working together to save lives.  When the show debuted in 1972, paramedics were unheard of, except in Los Angeles where one of the first paramedic programs had just begun.  The show was very popular and soon everyone wanted a paramedic service in their city—and lots of us wanted to be DeSoto or John Gage, the two fictional paramedic stars of the show.  Based at Fire Station 51, Gage, DeSoto and their colleagues responded to emergencies of all kinds around the clock, using the primitive technology of the day to coordinate victim care (at the scene and while transporting) with the doctors and nurses at fictional Rampart Hospital.  That paramedicine model has changed little since then—until now. 

Community Paramedicine (CP) will debut soon in Mineral County.  Whereas traditional paramedicine is reactive (9-1-1 call, EMTs respond), CP is proactive.  In other words, CP involves an advanced paramedic who makes home visits to increase access to primary and preventive services.  Goal is to provide follow-up care after a hospital discharge to prevent 9-1-1 calls, ER visits, and/or readmissions.  Our paramedic can also do health assessments, check on medications, keep patients up to date on vaccinations and immunizations, collect lab samples, and perform home safety checks as needed. Medicaid patients with chronic health issues (COPD, diabetes, CHF, etc.) are the primary focus of CP. 

The state of Nevada is partially sponsoring this effort; at present, the only other rural hospital with a successful CP program is in Winnemucca.  Mt. Grant General’s community paramedic will hit the streets in early spring.  Don’t worry, our paramedic will call first and make an appointment before knocking on your door (and no, the Emergency! theme song won’t be playing when he arrives).

We are beginning to reap the rewards of our Pennington Foundation grant.  First phase of Lefa L. Seran Nursing Home remodel is done (thank you G Dubs) and next phase will begin soon.  New equipment for Radiology, Laboratory, Nursing and Laundry Services is expected to arrive this month.  ADA compliant ramp has been added to the east side of the Clinic.  Work on new Pre-Op/Post-Op Treatment Room will begin in coming months (no more lengthy stays in hospital waiting room for IV therapy, phlebotomy, and the like).  Thanks for your patience as Mt. Grant modernizes for the 21st Century!

More than 150 meals a day.  Our Dietary Team prepares breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as a variety of snacks for residents, acute patients, and staff at all hours.  The tiny hospital kitchen built in 1964 is woefully small for such a task but somehow our cooks and dietary aides manage to make it happen every day of the week.  Serving tasty and healthy food with a smile is the goal daily for Cassie, Mary and crew. 

Flu season will be with us for another month or two; keep washing your hands and get a flu shot if you haven’t yet (not too late).  I know, vaccine is not the most effective but any protection is better than none.

Hugh Qualls, Administrator