Hospital Corner – May, 2019

Hospital Corner – May, 2019

May is always a special time at Mt. Grant General.  In particular, Hospital Week is a cherished tradition, with a host of special events for staff and volunteers.  The coincidence this week falls right before Armed Forces Day Weekend doesn’t hurt either.  Monday is employee breakfast day, where supervisors serve meals to their teams.  Very popular this year which meant no room for me in staff dining room; instead, I was fortunate to share a table in the nursing home with one of our long-term residents.  We talked and laughed over scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy, fresh fruit, and warm-out-of-the-oven banana bread. Our conversation was as enjoyable as the food.  Though afflicted with numerous health woes, she savored each bite, while recalling favorite meals and random memories of years gone by.  When breakfast was finished, we said our goodbyes and I left with a full heart as well as stomach. 

Tuesday of Hospital Week this year saw the return of the Mt. Grant Wellness Expo, held at the local fire station (thank you, Chief Lawrence).  Our planning team began work in January and it showed.  Not sure what to expect initially, when Expo day arrived, more than 40 vendors and 150 attendees mingled together, promoting community health and welfare.  By all accounts, a tremendous success—and you know what that means?  Mark your calendar now for next year’s Expo on the Tuesday before AFD 2020.

Wednesday is our Staff/Volunteer BBQ and Awards Ceremony held on the back lawn, which typically means you can expect bad weather that day. This year did not disappoint.  The storm threatened while we enjoyed tasty ribs and chicken, then delivered as we began recognizing some of the exceptional people who make Mt. Grant special.  We persevered nevertheless.  Volunteers were acknowledged and thanked for their time and energy.  Years of Service pins were handed out; the most notable to Lab Assistant Starr Williams for 30 years of dedication to the hospital and community at large.  Then the big finale: Employee of the Year Award.  All worthwhile candidates to choose from but the overwhelming choice was Medical Assistant Phyllis Rebottaro from Dr. Ventura’s office.  Congratulations to her and all staff for their hard work and devotion to serving others.  That is job #1 at Mt. Grant.

Friday is Float Day.  Unlike most entries in AFD parade each year, Mt. Grant devotes just one day to building its float (easy with the sarcasm now).  Maintenance staff gets the basics in place first thing that morning, then everyone else helps as time and duties permit.  Float crews find sustenance in pizza and sub sandwiches throughout the day to remain focused and finish before dark (hopefully).  A few last minute touches Saturday morning then off to the parade queue in the nick of time.   With that, a whirlwind week of activities comes to a close; can’t wait until next year!

It has been nearly 18 months since Nevada’s new opioid prescription regulation took effect, aimed at reducing abuse and addiction to these narcotics.  Most pain management patients have adjusted successfully to the change but a few struggle still.  Medical providers will do all they can to address your pain issues—within the boundaries permitted.  Technology now enables providers to check a statewide database for patients and their prescriptions; in fact, they are mandated to review before each pain management visit.  Thank you for your understanding as we all adapt to this requirement.

One last highlight to share of Hospital/AFD Week:  Mrs. Schumann’s and Mr. Nichols’ third grade classes visited the hospital, delighting residents and patients with patriotic songs, then marched through hallways handing out dozens of flags.  Smiles as well as tears of joy were in abundance during students’ all too brief time here.  God Bless America, indeed.

Hugh Qualls, Administrator