Hospital Corner – September, 2018

Hospital Corner – September, 2018

Random Acts of Kindness—Part 1:  Even the most cynical among us likes a heartwarming story now and then; hope you enjoy this as much as I did when first shared.  During a recent shopping trip to Fallon, Lefa L. Seran SNF residents stopped for lunch at Jerry’s.  After a relaxing meal and pleasant change of scenery (who doesn’t enjoy lunch out), residents gathered their personal items and prepared for return trip to Hawthorne.  Activities Director Megan Jeffers was about to pay the bill when the waitress told her not to bother.  What?  Another lunch patron at Jerry’s had been watching our group of residents and paid their tab.  He didn’t say much other than it was a delight to observe them having such a special moment.  Perhaps he wanted to be a part of that special moment, and who wouldn’t? Next time someone complains about the world we live in these days, share this story.  Whoever you are, sir, thank you!

Who knew pianos could be so hard to find?  For the past month or so we have tried (and failed) to find a gently used piano for our residents.  Happy to pay a fair price!  We were about to close the deal on one but someone beat us to it.  Then another became available (or so we thought)—only to be claimed before we could make an offer.  If you know of a piano for sale, please contact the hospital and let us know. 

Random Acts of Kindness—Part 2:  No doubt many of you know that Hawthorne is home to a group of very determined ladies who rarely take no for an answer.  I’m talking about the Soroptimists of course.  Priscilla, Jan, Nancy, Jean et al (more names next month) have taken on the daunting task of improving our nursing home common areas.  Whether new plants, pots and seat cushions for the patio; corkboards for the walls; mobiles hanging from the ceiling; or dozens of paintings and pictures to display throughout the coming year, these ladies have done much to improve the appearance and ambience of our skilled nursing facility.  Rest assured, they are not done yet!

Town Hall Meeting will be held in October (date TBD) regarding our planned expansion of nursing home.  We want as much community input as possible to ensure current and future needs are met; stay tuned for announcements in the next week or so.

Random Acts of Kindness—Part 3: Are you ready for some football?  Several residents attended the MCHS-Virginia City home game a few weeks ago.  It was a special time made even better by the hospitality of high school staff, students and boosters.  In particular, thanks to Darren Hamrey and John Gavin for their kindness and assistance helping residents find the best viewing area to watch the gridiron action—lots of touchdowns, though sadly Serpents ran out of gas against the Muckers.  And, what is a football game without a hot dog?  Our residents enjoyed those as well, along with other tasty treats, thanks to generosity of folks in the concession stand.  Finally, to make the evening complete, MCHS cheerleaders visited and then performed for the residents; a memorable experience for all.

Good News: Community Paramedic Charlie Mann has been busy; he adds Medicaid patients weekly to his schedule.  Combined with G&G’s Home Health program and our expanded Homemaking team, these multiple services are helping patients with chronic health issues stay in their homes.  Bad News: Nurse Health Line has not been used much since introduction last spring; only a few dozen calls to date.  Too bad as this free service is available to all; call 775 341-6161 anytime for answers to your medical questions.

Hugh Qualls, Administrator