Month: November 2020

Hospital Corner – November, 2020

November, like 2020 in general, won’t be missed. That said, the goal for this month’s column is to share as much factual information as possible with you in regard to COVID-19 and its impact on the hospital, community and—most of all—our nursing home.  The numbers will certainly change (likely for the worse) by the time…
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Current State of COVID Testing forMt. Grant: TestedProbado1816 PendingPendiente120 NegativeNegativo1670 PositivePositivo16 DeathsMuertes0 Retests* w/positive result10 RecoveredRecuperado13 * Retests of those with initial positive results Mt. Grant General Hospital appreciates all community members who wear masks in public. This is the single most effective preventative measure the public can take to prevent the spread of coronavirus.…
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