CNA Certification Course

CNA Certification Course



200 S. A St. PO Box 1510

Hawthorne, NV 89415

Ph: 775-945-2461

F: 775-945-2359



We are teaming up with TMCC and Banner Churchill to sponsor a CNA Course this fall.

Interested applicants must apply for employment at MGGH as a “CNA Class Candidate”.

Interviews will be scheduled for applicants meeting the minimum qualifications at MGGH with the Acute and SNF DONs (Directors of Nursing).

Selected candidates who pass all pre-employment screenings will be onboarded as a MGGH employee as a Nurse Assistant Trainee while the class is ongoing.

(3 days orientation in HR for compliance and training)

MGGH will have a free shuttle service to and from class each day.

Selected candidates will receive a TMCC scholarship for the class as a MGGH staff member.

After class, candidates must work 40 paid clinical hours scheduled on site at MGGH in both the nursing home and acute floor.

Each candidate will have 3 chances to take and pass the Credentia CNA Board Exam free of charge.  (The candidate will then be eligible to apply for a Nevada CNA license.)

Each candidate who passes and obtains licensure must work at MGGH for 1 year for the scholarship debt to be forgiven.

Any candidate who drops or fails the course or fails to work 1 year will repay the scholarship.

Any candidate who fails to pass the exam may be eligible to apply for employment in a non-licensed open position at MGGH. 

If interested, step one would be to submit an employment application at MGGH.

Minimum qualifications are any combination of training, education, and experience that would provide the required knowledge, skills and ability such as:

Possess a High School Diploma or equivalent AND

Proficient computer, communication, organizational skills AND

Per NRS 449 and NRS 200.5091, successful applicant(s) must pass required state and federal background checks.

MGGH is a EEO/ADA Employer

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